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Air bubble packing is protective and provides cushioning made with plastic which is filled with air pockets covering the surface. These air pockets absorb shock which prevents damage to the products being shipped. This packing can cost up to 20% less than other packing options. .

Different types of Air bubble packing:

Air bubble padded envelope

  • Air bubble padded envelope Made from the craft paper laminated bubble film which is available in different GSM & sizes. This product is used to protect compact discs/floppy discs or any delicate product.

Air bubble rolls

Makes an excellent cushion and void fill

  • 3/16 inches for small items – Light cushioning
  • 5/16 inches for medium items – General purpose cushioning
  • ½ inch for large items – dunnage and void fill

Protects against shocks, abrasion or vibration. Air bubble rolls can also be slit &/or

Protects against shocks, abrasion or vibration. Air bubble rolls can also be slit &/or

Anti-static bubble dispense pack

  • Pink anti-static bubble in a convenient dispensing carton which can be perforated every 12 inches.

Anti-static self-seal bubble pouches

  • Excellent protection in an easy to use self-seal pouch.

Cohesive Air foam rolls

  • This foam only sticks to itself and not to the product which helps in not leaving any kind of residue. It is a custom fit foam that grasps the product according to its size & design. This foam is also cross perforated every 6 inches for an easy tear off.

Self-seal bubble pouches

  • These pouches have a 1 ½ inches of slip and tape seal which can also be made with a high slip of 3/16 inches bubble.

Sandwich Air bubble

  • This special product can be made by various laminated sheets depending on product uses and required thickness. Available in all grades depending upon product’s techno-commercial value and is very useful against EPS/EPE packaging for its unique characteristic of grade.

Three-layer printed Air bubble

  • A very unique product which is used to pack a product under company’s brand name. It can be made as per the required printing details.

EPE foam laminated Air bubble

  • EPE laminated air bubble is useful in wrapping various products like furniture/glass/automotive parts or other fragile products.



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