600X600, 1000X800, 1200X1000. 1200X1200, 1500X1500.

Plastic pallets are most solid cost effective in different weight & load bearing capacity Plastic pallets are durable, cost effective and long lasting compared to wooden pallets. plastic pallets are in flat deck as well asnestable pallets along with lid & strapping concept as complete material handling solutions for various applications across all the industries.

Stratis Plastic Pallets are designed to be lightweight, easy to lift and handle as well as safe. They are completely reusable and recyclable. Stratis Plastic Pallets are also economically beneficial because they are long lasting, cost-effective and attractive. These pallets are made of a solid walled molded technology and are designed to last more than a decade.

It is used to transport various goods in a variety of industrial settings including moving construction materials around building sites or moving goods onto ships.

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