Thermocol is best insulation material against heat, cold, sound and humidity. Thermocol insulation is permanent and life long. Thermocol (EPS) hand fabrication has a big advantage These are reusable and recyclable, lightweight but structurally strong. It prevents damage during transit. It is creative and available in various designs and sizes, depends on customers requirement. Thermocol hand mould has no die making charges. It can be cut easily with simple tools like knife, cutter and saw.

OASIS is servicing various industries by versatile E.P.S. products like;

E.P.S.block:2mtrs.X 1 mtr. X1.5 mtrs

E.P.S.mould:As per customer requirement


  • Thermal Insulation, refrigerator, cold storage, air conditioning, celings, roofs, walls, floors, cinema halls, factories, offices etc.
  • Packaging of various kinds of Electronic, sanitary delicate product, fragile product, electronic goods, glassware, multipurpose and kitchen ware.
  • Automobiles
  • Miscellaneous

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